Mode of action

BIOECOPEST - mode of action

The Mode of Action (MoA) specifies the biochemical interactions and physiological mechanisms through which a substance or microbial produces its effects. Having clear the MoA of the product is essential for several reasons:

  • Required by Authorities for product approval,
  • Design products that precisely target specific biological pathways, processes, hosts or otherwise as a broad
    spectrum of efficacy,
  • Improve efficacy through the formulation,
  • Predict and mitigate potential side effects,
  • Reduce the likelihood of resistance development,
  • Enlarge the scope of application of the product,
  • Better positioning in the market by communicating the benefits and Unique Selling Points.


We have developed a technological platform to study the Mode of Action (MoA) of the actives and formulates. Utilizing a multi-layered approach comprising of microscopy, genomic, metabolomic and proteomic, we provide a deeper look into the product and useful information for its use optimization. Our reports are furnished with microscopic photographic documentation.

  • Biochemical and physiological mechanism and biochemical pathways involved,
  • Pathogenic or parasitic,
  • Studies on the interaction plant-pathogen, plant-active substance and active substance-pathogen,
  • Identification of the metabolites responsible for the effects,
  • Identification of the main site of action,
  • Mode of entry,
  • Infective dose,
  • Susceptible stages of the target organism,
  • Virulence factors and environmental factors affecting them,
  • Identification of the genes involved in the effect,
  • Histopathologic analysis for insects