The introduction of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) marked a milestone in genetic research studies, allowing scientists to study the features of different organisms by analyzing the DNA. Combined with traditional laboratory- based work, the analysis of DNA sequences of a single gene or whole genomes contributes to provide detailed information about a species.

As a result of NGS, the number of available sequenced genomes has rapidly increased, and many bioinformatics tools have been developed for processing genomic data and performing different analyses. However, currently there is not a straightforward method and a clear-cut flow of the tools that should be used at the first step of the analysis and scientists often need to spend much time pursuing a trial-and-error approach before extracting the expected information.

To make life easier to scientists, Bioecopest developed CompàreGenome (Moro et al., 2024), a novel command line tool for comparative genomic of different organisms, both eukaryotes and prokaryotes, by Whole Genome Sequences analysis. CompàreGenome identifies with high level of precision and efficiency the fine genetic differences existing between genomes, detecting the most subtle genetic variations, resulting in ready-to-use information for scientists, such as:
– Overall genetic distance,
– Identification of the most conserved and most divergent genes,
– The related metabolic pathways,
– Distinction between organisms at strain/cultivar level, and more on.

CompàreGenome easily solves the problems in the first steps of the genomic comparison analysis, translating technical outputs into biologically relevant information!

Users guide to install and use CompàreGenome.