GEP field efficacy trials

BIOECOPEST - GEP field efficacy trials

In EU, efficacy trials are an essential requirement to compile a Registration Dossier for pesticides, bioprotectants and biostimulants aiming for the first approval, re-registration or label extension.

Bioecopest is recognized as GEP test facility to perform efficacy trials for regulatory approval, product development and marketing demonstration.

We design trial protocols in full compliance with EPPO guidelines, supporting all label claims corresponding with the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and recommended uses, and maximizing the data generated to give as much value as possible to the investment. We work either with natural infestations or pathogens inoculum to overcome low natural infestations and evaluate products in challenging situations.

The trials are performed on a vast variety of crops and ornamental plants, in greenhouses and open field, with:
  • Acaricides,
  • Bioprotectant,
  • Biocides,
  • Biostimulants,
  •  Fertilizers,
  • Fungicides,
  • Herbicides,
  • Insecticides,
  • Nematicides,
  • Molluscicides,
  • Plant Growth Promoters (PGRs),
  • Plant Defenses Activators,
  • Seeds treatment

To produce data for:

  • Product efficacy,
  •  Resistance development,
  • Yield and Quality of productions,
  •  Phytotoxicity,
  •  Undesirable effects.

Our customers receive:

  •  Continuous updates on trial status and performances,
  • Electronic Data in ARM (Agricultural Research
  • Overview of the results,
  • Reports designed to contain all the information requested by the trial’s purpose.

With our experience in product development, we can assist our customers with:

  • Project management,
  • Data gap analysis on existing packages,
  • Advices on study programs to meet the minimum efficacy requirements, maximizing the label claims across
    different countries in EU,
  •  Technical market analysis and product positioning.

In addition to authorization trials, we offer Field demonstration trials with the most prominent opinion leaders and
stakeholders to introduce product in the market.