Lab Research and Studies

BIOECOPEST - Lab Research and Studies

The lab at Bioecopest is where rigorous scientific exploration catalyzes the Research and Development process, the initial step in a journey of discovery and innovation.

Here, combining scientific expertise, advanced technology, and regulatory requirements, we delve into the characteristics of actives and formulates. To fully understand them and their potentialities, we integrate phenotyping testing approaches with bioinformatic insights.
The information collected are essential for product development, authorization and marketing purposes.

Our services include:

Isolation of microbial strains;

Molecular identification of microbial strains;

In vitro and in vivo detached leaf efficacy screening

  • Desired effect (insecticide, fungicide, nematicide, plant growth promotion, plant strengthener),
  • Selection of the most promising strain,
  •  Concentration range finding and minimum effective dose;

Mode of Action

Omics and bioinformatic

Characteristics of microbial strains

  • Morphology characterization,
  • Life cycle, forms that may occur and reproduction,
  • Lifestyle (e.g. parasitic, saprophytic, endophytic, pathogenic)
  • Ecological niche(s)
  • Conditions of survival and growth
    – host, temperature, humidity, light, pH, osmotic potential, nutrients,
    – minimum, maximum, and optimal temperature,
    – generation time,
    – resistance of spores against environmental conditions, survival time of the spores and conditions for their germination, and/or biofilm formation;
  •  Antibiotic susceptibility and MICs determination,
  • Genomic Antibiotic Resistance traits and their transferability,
  • Potential production of metabolites or toxins,
  • Genetic stability,
  • Infectivity and pathogenicity,
  • Relationship to known pathogens, known virulence factors for the pathogen and microorganism, phylogenetic relationship between microorganism and pathogen, method to distinguish microorganism from pathogenic species,
  • Compatibility with other strains or chemicals